Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Killing Others You do not Like

I started to write this after hearing about the killing of a British MP in connection with Brexit. It makes me think of the killing of others in our age.

In the modern world the Muslims have certainly shown us the way. The World Trade Center and the killing of a Danish Editor come immediately to mind. I think that all this killing has made it more acceptable in many people's minds to kill others we do not like. I think that is why there has not been much protest over all the drone killings that President Obama has authorized. Will the people who started off all this killing regret it?

The Americans tried to conquer us in 1812 and did not succeed. However, they now control us economically. So did they get what they wanted but without giving us a vote? When our PM tried to legalize marijuana the US Government threated to cut off trade so we back down. The Americans defend our border as we could not do this alone. Our other neighbor is Russia. However, do you notice that Canadians are relatively happy, whereas countries bulled by Russia are relatively miserable?

So the Americans can dominate us without conquering us. The Americans are going into drone killing in a rather big way. There is an American group called Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity which showed solidity with Orlando after the night club killings. The Americans tend to innovative, so who knows what they will do next. American always seems to take everything to the next level. People talk about the fact that we should be scared to ISIS. Perhaps ISIS should be scared of the Americans.

I do wonder where this all this killing will end? It cannot end well as killing of those we do not like becomes more and more acceptable. Will we humans ever learn to accept others as they are? Will we humans ever learn to accept that others can think differently and that is ok?

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