Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Comment on TSX

If you look at Globe Investors there is chart for the TSX. If you click on the chart, it will show you what TSX has done for the past year.

A while ago the TSX was trading in a narrow band, and then it broke down (never a good sign). Now again it is trading in a narrow band. Often when an index is trading in a narrow band, it breaks either up or down. A lot of investors are worried about Europe. Europe is not going to fix their problems until they really have to. Tough decision will have to be made. In democracies, tough actions are not taken until they really have to be.

I notice that a number of analysts have suggested if we have stocks we want to sell, now is the time. They may be right. I cannot image things changing anytime soon. You next selling opportunity might just be next year, if you do not sell now.

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