Monday, July 16, 2012

Solidarity Against Austerity

Love this. Kids who have never worked a day in their lives are trying to give us economic lesson. And, they want free education. I think that we should pay to educate our young, but there needs to be strings attached. That is something like you have to maintain a B- average to get it paid for, but we should also give our kids second chances.

The problem however is that they are asking for money when there is none. We boomers have spent all the money. Not only have we spent all the money, we have run up massive debts. And, Canada is in better relative shape that US, UK and Europe.

One real problem we have is that everyone wants more from the government than they are willing to pay. This is tantamount to getting something for nothing. Do not give me this insane nonsense that the 1% should pay for everything. First of all, once people are getting something for nothing, they just want more and more and more. There is not enough money in the world to satisfy people who get something for nothing.

What people get with a government is less money than they put in. After all, we have to pay for all those politicians and all those government workers.

Unfortunately, we have run up debt to pay for social programs. This is bad debt because it only moves money around, it does not create any.

What else we have done is ignore infrastructure. Good debt for governments is to spend money on need infrastructure. This can help create commerce which could generate more tax revenue to pay off debt and provide extra money for social programs.

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  1. Excellent comments, as usual, Susan. Thank you for the "big picture" view that I sometimes lose when I'm watching individual stocks.
    -another Susan