Wednesday, August 15, 2012


There is much talk now of inequality. How society has money, but it is spread out in unequal ways. All these people want is to spread out society's money fairly.

However, this is not the only inequality. There are people who work and people who do not. Money, in our society, seems to be going to the people that work via jobs. Most are at productive jobs or government jobs.

Government jobs are non-productive. However, there are government jobs that keep our economy functioning.

I heard a lefty at a recent party declare that they should give money to the people rather than spend in on building things. (We in Toronto are building lots and lots of condos.) Of course, there is no mention of whom "they" are or where the money will come from. No hint that someone would have to give up money for others to receive it.

Many people just think of the government having lots and lots of money. No concept of where it comes from. (If they asked me, I could tell them. It comes from taxpayers like me. Government money does not come the 1% or whatever; it comes mainly from the middle classes, of which I am one.)

Some people who get money from the government do not work and some never have. This would be people on welfare. They are also not contributing to our society. I am not against using government money to help people out who are in need. But help should be short term, not permanent, unless people are truly disabled.

As I understand it, we have families in Canadian with a fourth generation on welfare. We also have street people. It seems that we need to fix why families spent generations on welfare before we can more on to help people living on the street. And, we should be finding ways of helping street people. It is rather ludicrous that in our rich society we have people living on the street.

The other big point is that our welfare program has done nothing to end poverty. The problem could be that the poorest performing schools are still in the poorest neighborhoods.

Also, just maybe money would be spread more evenly if everyone did something to contribute to our society. I believe that everyone should do something to contribute to our society.

We need to fixate more on creating wealth, not just distributing wealth.

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