Monday, November 19, 2012

Investors: Geniuses When Market Goes Up

Investors often think of themselves as smart or "Geniuses" when the market goes up and they gain money. However, the same investors are likely to blame others when the market goes down and they lose money.

The thing that happens a lot in dealing with the stock markets is that people never ask where the money comes from when they make money in the stock market, such as when the market goes up. However, everyone wants to know where their money has gone when the market goes down. Sometimes we are too inclined to accept anything we make as something we personally have done, but anything we lose as someone else's fault. However, no one has forced anyone into investing. People invest of their own free will.

Therefore, any loss is your problem and your responsibility, wholly. To become a better investor, you must accept responsibility for what you have lost. If you do not, you will not learn anything and will never become a better investor.

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