Monday, December 31, 2012

Asking for Money

There was an interesting article in the National Post a couple of weekends ago about the LCBO asking customers to add $2 to their bill for Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children.

Jonathan Kay seemed to have felt the need to say yes, because other people are watching. I, of course, said no. It was not only the LCBO asking, but my local grocery store also. My first reaction to say no is maybe because I am hit-up for money so often. You cannot go anywhere in TO without being asked for money. It is not just the homeless, but all sorts of charities.

There is Greenpeace, Sick Kids, Because I am a girl and it goes on and on of charities on the street. These charities have two young people, one on each side of the sidewalk to hit you up for money. Also recently there are people are the street with boxes asking for money for the homeless. Where I live this goes on day after day and year after year. There is no break.

It is not that I do not give to charities. I have money for charities in my budget. My current favourites are Kiva and the Salvation Army. I like the Salvation Army as they seem to be the only ones helping the truly needy in TO.

I like Kiva because you are loaning people money, not giving it. People look after money they have to pay back, but seem to be careless with money given to them. With Kiva you get to help someone somewhere with a $25 loan. The Western World has given billions of dollars to poor countries over the past 20 plus and we have virtually nothing to show for it. Kiva seems to be an organization that really helps our poorer brethren in the rest of the world.

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  1. Hello Susan,
    I agree with you. In addition, you can't get a tax receipt for all the small cash donations which can add up. I also have to wonder about the young folks on the sidewalk. Recently, I was asked to listen to a "pitch" because it would only take 30 seconds. And then I was asked to make a monthly contribution to the charity. I'm sorry but this type of decision requires more than a rushed sell job and time to consider whether the charity even fits my philosophy. Surely, there is a better way...

    All the best for the new year!