Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dividend Growth Companies

The reason I like dividend growth companies is that they can provide much higher dividend increases than the rate of inflation. You may start with a lower dividend, but over time you collect much more in dividends that if you go for a higher dividend and low or no dividend growth. This is the joy you get from owning dividend growth companies.

A great time to buy such companies is when the current dividend yield is relatively high historically. (And, that is why I just bought some Canadian Natural Resources (TSX-CNQ) stock. I was introduced to dividend growth stocks by an early blogger named Mike Higgs.

What I have gone for is a reasonable income that increases faster than inflation rather than a high income that is relatively stable. Every time there is a recession, dividend increases slow down, sometimes quite a bit. Some companies cut or drop dividends, some keep them the same and other will raise them. Overall, in recessions dividend increases will slow. So I went for faster than inflation over all dividend increases for normal times.

I have written about this subject before in Dividend Growth Companies item in which I compare and contrast Chesswood Group (TSX-CHW) and Stella Jones Inc. (TSX-SJ). Chesswood has a high dividend and Stella Jones is a dividend growth company.

I have also talked about the types of Dividend Stocks. I also did another article on why I liked SNC-Lavalin a Dividend Growth Stock.

I have also wrote about the Dividend Yields on Original Investments. Nothing beats Canadian Banks on good yields and good growth in dividends.

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