Monday, August 19, 2013


I saw men land on the moon in 1969. I felt that the space age had begun. It had not. Moon landings continued for a while and then nothing. We waited and waited and nothing happened. Now, some 40 years later things seem to be looking up.

Humans may go to Mars and we may not have to wait much longer to see this. Both a Mars fly by and colonization of Mars are in the planning stages. Possibly the best place to get space news is at

The nonprofit Inspiration Mars foundation was founded by Dennis Tito and they are planning the Mars Flyby in 1918. This is just 5 years away. To read more about this, you can go to his site called Inspiration Mars. There is a unique opportunity for a Flyby because in 1918, Mars will be the closes to earth as it ever gets. Inspiration Mars plans to send a two-man American crew, possibly a couple, to fly within 100 miles around Mars and return home.

The other mission to Mars is to start a settlement there. The first crew is expected to leave earth in 2022 and land in 2023. By the time they get there Mars One is expected to have already sent a rover (2018) and cargo (2020). The cargo will be living units and supplies. See more information on Mars One web site.

Both of these efforts are being done by very rich men. The Mars Flyby is by Dennis Tito who was a space tourist, paying Russia to send him to the space station. The Mars One organization was started by Bas Lansdorp who is a Dutch entrepreneur.

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