Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I make my money from stocks. Mostly I collect dividends. I use the internet and put stuff up there, but I do not want to make money from the internet. Why is this? It is because it would complicate my life. It is not worth it.

This says a lot about our society. It is not that I object to paying taxes. I live in a very nice and comfortable society and I appreciate this and therefore do not mind paying taxes. I think that we would have a better society and certainly a more productive one if taxes were not so complex.

I think that our society would be greatly improved if it did not matter how you made money as far as taxes go. It should be simple and easy to pay taxes. But it is not. Taxes are a very complex and specialized field. I have had a few unusual tax situations over the years. I read the tax law. I read the interpretation bulletins and then there are interpretations of the interpretation bulletins. All this just discourages anyone from doing anything different.

On my other blog I am today writing about Pason Systems Inc. (TSX-PSI, OTC-PSYTF) ...continue...

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