Monday, January 20, 2014

2000, 2008 and Recovery

I recently was wondering how well I did through that last two bear markets to the present. I had realized I was doing fine, but it is fun to check into it. I do not keep records for shorter periods that monthly, so I am using the closes month ends for the dates for the 2000 bear market's top and low and the 2008 bear market's top and low.

I know that the TSX does not include dividends and a large part of my portfolio is dividends. However, the thing is that I am living off my dividends, so I am basically taken out all my dividend income to live on. When I first stopped working in 1999, I was taking out more than my dividends and now I am taking out a bit less. Overall, I have taken out just slightly more than I have earned in dividends.

What my calculations show is that I did not crash as much as the TSX in either bear market. For the 2000 bear I was down 30.92% and the TSX was down $45.06%. For the 2008 bear I was down 30.81% and the TSX was down 39.89%.

I recovered better out of the 2008 bear than the 2000 bear. At the top in 2008 the TSX was up from the 2002 low by 30.82% and I was only up by 17.90%. If you look at the TSX high in 2008 compared to today, the TSX is still down by 7.43% to the end of December 2013, while I am up 37.79%.

Date TSX My Portfolio
Value YOY Y to Beg. YOY Y to Beg.
31-Aug-00 11,248
30-Sep-02 6,180 -45.06% -45.06% -30.92% -30.92%
30-May-08 14,715 138.11% 30.82% 70.68% 17.90%
27-Feb-09 8,845 -39.89% -21.36% -30.81% -18.42%
31-Dec-13 13,622 54.01% 21.11% 99.14% 62.46%
30-May-08 14,715     
27-Feb-09 8,845 -39.89% -39.89% -30.81% -30.81%
31-Dec-13 13,622 54.01% -7.43% 99.14% 37.79%

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