Friday, February 14, 2014

Patient's Time

Our medical industry has absolutely no regard for patient's time. They seem to think that their time is all important and patient's time has no importance whatsoever.

A typical is I when I went for a mammogram at WCH. I got their a few minutes early as I do not know where to go in the new building. I get up to the check in window and I was told to wait. The clerk was doing this and that. No thought of customer service. No skin off anyone's nose at the hospital if I have to just stand outside this window for 5 or 10 minutes.

Why do I have to wait like this? Who knows why they do this. I suspect it is a lack of good organization. Another possible reason is probably because they can do this. What choice do I have? I really have none. If I walk away, I do not get the mammogram that I need to have. If I book at another hospital, it is the same song and dance.

I finally get to the next waiting room and again I have to just wait. I am on time. They are not. I see no incentives for them to take patients on time. No thoughts of customer service. No thoughts at all.

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