Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Dividend Growth Stock Lists

I used to follow and number of Dividend Growth Stocks lists. I had used these lists to determine what stocks would be good to follow. However, I found that these lists were always changing as stocks were always being added or deleted.

Most of the Canadian lists had very low requirement to be added to one of these lists which was generally having increased their dividends each year over the past 5 years. They also only added stocks to the lists that that had very high market caps.

I have changed my mind about following these lists and do not look at them much anymore. Generally speaking, these lists were not a good source of stocks that I would want to follow.

If you want to know where some lists are currently, you can find the Dividend Achievers lists at NASDAQ. Information on the Select Canadian Dividend Index (NQCADIV) is here. The stocks in the list are here (see weighting tab.) Also see NASDAQ Broad Canadian Dividend Achievers Index (DACA) here.

The list of Dividend Aristocrats is now part of TSX site. Go to the "TSX Market Activity" and click on "Indices and Constituents" tab. Also, the blogger The Canadian Dividend Blogger puts out his own list of Canadian Dividend Achievers.

The Loonie Lover blog explains Dividend Aristocrats. Also, the Dividend Growth Investing and Retirement blog talks about his Canadian All Star List and allows you to down load his Canadian All Star List.

There are still a lot of people paying attention to these dividend lists.

On my other blog I am today writing about Canyon Services Group (TSX-FRC, OTC-CYSVF) ... continue...

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