Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Money Show 2014 - Kim Githler

Kim Githler started off the show in the Opening Remarks. She said that we are into another secular bull market. She said we should avoid cash because it will lose its value. We need to invest in real things. There is currently an upward trend in inflation and that this will continue.

Stocks increase more than the rate of inflation and there is higher rate of return from common stocks. A global portfolio is the best for returns and low risk. We should look at the big picture and look at macro-trends. She said we should be in real assets. Capital preservation is difficult as capital takes longer to recover than lose.

She ended with a quote from Keynes about investing is looking at yield over the life of an assets and speculation is looking at the psychology of the market

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  1. I see, the idea is to invest in something... but in what? I don't like those conferences where "ideas" is being push over but no words is being said about the "real things", like in what to invest. Too much talking being made on the big lines coming from so call specialists... Might be so boring to be there, I wouldn't spend a penny to assist to the Money Show.