Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Shopping Online

My son wanted something on Amazon so I agreed to shop there. The last time I did that it was sent by a delivery service where because I was not home when they called I had to go to some out of the way place on the Lakeshore to get the package. This was a number of years ago and I had not shopped online in the meantime.

I did the order and it was sent by Purolator. I again was not home when the package was delivered and I got a notice that I had to pick the parcel up at 800 Kipling. According to Google the office was just south of the Kipling station. However, when I was at Kipling it was not easy finding an exit to the street. I asked 4 people before someone could tell me where there was an exit.

When I finally got to the Purolator office, I told the clerk that I was never shopping at Amazon again; she said that I could have phoned to reschedule a delivery. She said she did not know why the Purolator delivery man did not give me this info.

You hear a lot about Online Shopping being easy and how great it is. I still think that going to a shop for shopping is a lot easier. I am still not impressed with online shopping.

My son shops online and most things seem to be delivered by Canadian Post Office. However, we never seem to get a phone call when we are home and items have to be picked up at our Post Office. I pass two post office outlets each day, but our post office is in an inconvenient spot and my son always has to make a special trip to get his items. Just how is this convenient?

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  1. Goodday Susan.. Firstly.. this has been my complaint as well for the past few years.. I order something online.. Canada post leaves a note.. (even when im home) very frustrating... then I get to go pick up my item a few kms away.. yah! (sic) Id go and buy directly from the store but many times they only have items online.. anyways.. after reading your mini rant.. I laughed as I can relate. Secondly, I also am a dividend investor.. I found your site a few years ago and am appreciative of your hard work and use your research regularly. Could I have your opinion on CWB Canadian western bank.. you have not done an analysis on this company but im not sure why.. I think its a nice time to buy this smaller growth dividend stock.. thoughts?

    Thanx, R

    1. Re CWB Canadian Western Bank. I do not follow this bank and do not intend to as I have enough banks and follow only stocks I am potentially interested in. I do not know much about this bank. Sorry.