Monday, November 30, 2015

Money Show 2015 - Alex Koyfman

The next session I went to Alex Koyfman of Penny Stock Millionaire was the speaker. His talk was called "Three Risk-Managed High-Potential Microcap Stocks to Own in 2016". He has 3 companies to consider for 2016. They are tech oriented, pre-profitable and have market caps under $50M.

The first company is MCW Energy Group (TSX: MCW-X, OTC: MCWEF) and it helps in environment and use of resources. The company cleans sand and gets the oil. It then returns clean sand back to the environment. The share price is currently $0.67. He sold at $1.02 and then rebought it at $0.67.

There are no negative side effects. It is proprietary tech and it is environment friendly. It does small oil processing now but will be scaling it up. 98% of bitumen is extracted from oil sands. It has 99.5% solvent recycling efficiency.

Dr. Bailey is a real Texas oil man. Alex Blyumkin is chairman of the board. In October 2014 they unveiled an initial extraction plant in Utah. In February 2015 they had net income of $2.2M and are losing less and less money. In September 2015, MCW awaits the completion of global financial institution's tech feasibility.

They have done work in China. China has bigger oil sands than we do. He recommends this stock under $1.00. Their web site is

The next company was Versus Technology Inc. (OTC: VSTI). They are trying to revolutionize how hospitals work. It is a dark stock and high risk. They are using RFID chips down to the smallest items in hospitals. Hospitals lose lots of stuff all the time due to organizational problems. It is also used for infection tracking and control. It can track things from patient 0 and know who all had contact. The decrease in loss of says ID pumps all add up.

Being a dark company means that they do not need to do quarterly reporting. You should buy under $0.17. The RDIF's are the size of a gain of rice. Its web site is

The third company was Contagious Gaming Inc. The symbols are TSX V: CNS and OTC: KSMRF. It has online sports betting and electronic lotteries. It offers full services. It is a medium risk and share price is currently at $0.20. You should buy under $0.45.

Its growth drivers are a worldwide market, Soccer betting and the Grey market. For both online and land base betting Europe is further ahead than North America in allowing and doing online betting. Their web site is

Most Canadian companies are listed on the OTC. In Buying Micro stocks, be prepared to lose it all. In looking at Canadian versus US trading, the Canadian listing is more liquid. That is the stock is more actively traded on the Canadian exchange. These stocks are harder to buy for American, but now they have available Penntract. (I tried to find this online, but unsuccessfully.) They have a Live Broker Option. The OTC analogue is in US$, so you will see lower prices due to USD/CAD exchange rates.

In regards to MCW Energy Group, oil was $28 a barrel but now costs around $22. If they do not get funding they are done for. However, there is 80 to 90% chance they will get funding. The process returns only water and sand back to the environment. There is zero net loss of water.

Email address for Alex Koyfman is . His web site is

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