Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Dividend Cuts

Recently my portfolio has had a number of stocks that either increased or decreased their dividends. The TransAlta stock was especially a big dividend cut. I wanted to look at my overall portfolio and see what the net effect of these changes were.

What I found is that my total dividends were decreased by 0.16% from just prior to these changes to just after these changes. So this is basically a wash. However, my dividend income has increased by 1.8% when I compare last year's dividend income to that just after these changes.

The dividend changes are listed below:

Stocks Symbol Price New Div Old Div Diff
CDN National Railway CNR $75.95 $1.50 $1.25 20.00%
Metro Inc. MRU $41.41 $0.56 $0.47 19.97%
Richelieu Hardware RCH $67.64 $0.64 $0.60 6.67%
Mullen Group MTL $15.02 $0.96 $1.20 -20.00%
TransAlta TA $4.92 $0.16 $0.72 -77.78%

This seems in line with what I have experienced in the past. I have never had my dividend income decrease year over year at any time.

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  1. Morning SP
    A truely disasterous year. The only account that I can truely calculate, because it is a Locked In account, has fallen from a 10% yearly growth rate over it's 12 year life to just an 8% yearly growth rate. That is with stock appreciation and re-invested dividends.
    Aside from that everything else is OK


    1. Sorry you had a disasterous year.

      On the other hand a 8% return is currently a good return.