Thursday, March 24, 2016

No Feminist Here

I probably disqualify myself immediately to be a feminist because I do not believe in socialism. I am a capitalist. If it wasn't for capitalism we would still be scratching in the dirt for our living rather than living a better life than any other people at any time in history. Of course, I live in Canada where this is true. I realize that in other countries people live very tough lives.

Capitalism has provided the means for us to live very good lives. It has also provided the means for us to provide things that are for the common good. If a country is filled with health and well education people, it is to the benefit of all the people in a country. That is why government services are a necessity.

I have never felt that I could not accomplish whatever I wanted to accomplish. I must admit that I got that attitude from my father rather than my mother. My mother was a stay at home mother and she thought that her daughters to be fulfilled should marry and have children. I did that eventually (at age 40), but I was not the sort of girl that grew up dreaming of getting married.

We have a new Prime Minister in Canada who talks a lot of about feminism. He is making a big fuss about have a lot of women in his cabinet. I have always found it a bit amusing when men call themselves feminist. Having equal number of men and women as ministers is just equality if equal number of qualified men and women want to be ministers.

Is it a Topsy Turvy world because men say that they are feminist, but women do not?

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