Tuesday, November 15, 2016


It is not Inequality that people protest about. As in the US currently people where not protesting inequity because that has been around forever. What they are protesting is that the system does not work for them. This is the real problem.

We have this problem in Canada, but we do not have such a large minority of people for whom the system does not work. Look at people living on the street. Our country is not working for them at the moment. We need to fix this.

The left's solution of giving everyone in country money will not work. It sounds like the elite Roman's solution to their poor of bread and circuses. It did not work then and it will not work now.

It is interesting that in Canada we elected a traditional Politian in Trudeau. But then our middle class has not been under the pressure that it has been in the US. In the US just under half the taxpayers do not pay any Federal Tax. Lots collect money through the tax system. Like benefits given to those in low paying jobs.

For the people with difficulties living in our society, they do not want to be fobbed-off like this, they instead want in. They want a society that works for them. This is what we have to fix.

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