Thursday, January 12, 2017

Year 2016

My first question is how did I do? My portfolio is up by 21.3% compared to the TSX increase of 17.51%. Looking over the data from 2000, I tend not to go as high as TSX and not to go as low as the TSX.

Looking at Dividend Growth, it seems to be declining for me. For 2016, my dividends only went up 5.08%. This is the second lowest level. The lowest level was in 2014 when growth was only 3.83%.

Date My Ret Div Gth TSX Ret
31-Dec-00 17.82% 11.72% 6.18%
31-Dec-01 -7.48% 9.73% -13.94%
31-Dec-02 -11.41% 32.27% -13.97%
31-Dec-03 17.73% 12.91% 24.29%
31-Dec-04 9.71% 11.64% 12.48%
31-Dec-05 12.12% 7.77% 21.91%
31-Dec-06 15.36% 23.96% 14.51%
31-Dec-07 5.94% 23.21% 7.16%
31-Dec-08 -21.85% 11.35% -35.03%
31-Dec-09 28.37% 14.94% 30.69%
31-Dec-10 13.85% 5.29% 14.45%
31-Dec-11 4.92% 9.23% -11.07%
31-Dec-12 13.09% 9.63% 4.00%
31-Dec-13 19.02% 10.53% 9.55%
31-Dec-14 16.61% 3.83% 8.25%
31-Dec-15 -5.76% 7.58% -11.77%
31-Dec-16 21.30% 5.08% 17.51%

I looked for any article about dividend growth slowing down. I got this article by Jeff Brown in US News. He says that US dividend growth dropped to 5% in the first quarter of 2016 due to corporate earnings not growing. I cannot find any comments on dividend growth in Canada.

On my other blog I wrote yesterday about Rogers Sugar Inc. (TSX-RSI, OTC- RSGUF)... learn more. Tomorrow, I will write about Calian Group Ltd. (TSX-CGY, OTC-CLNFF)... learn more on Friday, January 13, 2017 around 5 pm.

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