Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Capital Compounders by Robin Speziale

This book’s full title is Capital Compounders: How to Bet the Market and Make Money Investing in Growth Stock. On my book blog I have put a review of the book Capital Compounders by Robin Speziale here.

Robin Speziale seems to always have been ambitious. He has had dreams of being rich since having a paper route as a kid. He has built up his money from an early age. With me, I also had a paper route as a kid and I did save money. However, in the end I used my money to buy my parents old car when I want to move back to Toronto (all the way from a then suburb of Thornhill.)

I never wanted to be rich, but just to live comfortably and do the things I wanted to do. My investment goals are not to be rich but to cover my expenses. I look at money as freedom. I am earning enough to live life as I want, so I am satisfied with my investments.

Robin’s idea is to buy growth stocks. I have had some experience in growth stocks and buys in the depths of a bear market. And, I have made some money here and there. I am certainly not a value investor. I believe in growth stocks, but the ones I favour is dividend growth stocks. Although when I was growing my portfolio, I did have some stocks for purely growth reasons.

Robin talks about buying only consumer, tech, and diversified industrials. I like these, but also like utilities, financials, and Real Estate (REITs). Robins likes stock buy backs rather than dividends, I am the opposite where I do not like buy backs at all, but love dividends.

He believes in GARP (Growth at Reasonable Price) and I certainly cannot argue against that concept. I believe if you overpay for a stock it can certainly damage your long term gains.

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