Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Money Show 2019

I just spend two days at the Toronto Money Show. I found it enjoyable as always. The opening ceremonies I have found to sometimes have the best speakers and this year’s opening ceremonies did not disappoint. I really liked David Rosenberg’s speech. I know people think of him as a perma-bear, but I look at him as a man who always has something interesting to say. He did not disappoint.

I picked and chose the other speakers to hear. I found them all good speakers and interesting speakers. An interesting thing was that at the Contra the Heard session, Benj Gallander the speaker had his young son open and close the session. I am sure that it was a great learning experience for him. Benj Gallander is interviewed at the Money Show by Small Cap Power. This is like Derek Foster who always has his kids there helping him. He is also interviewed at the Money Show by Small Cap Power.

Horizons ETFs Management at the Money Show had popcorn and spin wheel. The prizes from the spinning wheel was toy bull or bear, a green leaf, a hat, an umbrella, and another prize I could not figure out. Their web site is here. I won an umbrella. Thanks Horizons.

You have to wonder if marijuana is at a peak for investment, because this show had a whole section devoted to investing in marijuana. Lastly, Big Picture Trading was kind enough to invite some show participants for a drink at the Rec Room.

On my other blog I wrote yesterday about Alcanna Inc (TSX-CLIQ, OTC-LQSIF) ... learn more. Next, I will write about Granite REIT (TSX-GRT.UN, NYSE-GRP.U) ... learn more on September 25, 2019 around 5 pm..

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