Thursday, February 27, 2020

Lots to do in Toronto

I am so lucky to be living in Toronto as there is so much to do here. I belong some clubs and use With such variety, you can just pick and choose what to do. For the meetup links to work you have to be signed in to Meetup. It is free to join but some group charge $2 or $5 for each meetup. The organizer has to pay a fee to meetup to be an organizer of a group.

With meetup, there are a lot for young people, but there are lots for older people too. Each group says their age group (if there is one) and what the group is about. The senior groups that I belong to are Toronto Senior Social Club , Life begins at 50 , and Life Begins at 40 . These are all geared for older people. There are others meetups for seniors, but this is just what I am involved with.

I only have one walking buddy left, so I walk with some groups. A walking meetup group is Walking Adventures with Deb . I also belong to another walking club called Toronto Field Naturalist. These are geared to people of all ages. I also walk sometimes with other meetup groups that have walks and Probus also has walking groups.

Someone told me of an alternative to meetup called DownToMeet (DTM). With these things you cannot tell anything until you sign up. I signed up and found that there is very little for Toronto and most have no events and only one member who is the organizer. However, I will check back into this later. It looks like this site was started in California, compared to Meetup which was out of New York City. However, they do not have much going on in California neither from what I can tell.

For investments clubs, I belong to Toronto Investors & Traders — StockTwits Meetups, and to Ellen’s Investment Club that meets at the JCC at Spadina and Bloor. Link is blog entries. I also belong to another private investment club.

One club I belong to is UK Connexion. You do not have to be British to join, but you need to be older (50 and over) and single. They have their own web site and you pay $5 to attend any function. You can check out their website without joining. Another club I belong to is East York Probus. The Probus clubs are for retired professionals and there are a number in Toronto, including North York Probus, and Toronto Probus. Here is a list of the Probus clubs in and around Toronto. Probus has great speakers at their monthly meetings and good events. The problem is that most have a 2 year waiting list to join.

You can take lots of bus tours from Toronto. Last summer I took a number with Fun Tours to Niagara Falls and Prince Edward County. I took a couple of trips with Short Trips. Also, I used Mary Morton Tours to see plays in Niagara on the Lake and Stratford.

When I said I was writing this blog entry, a friend of mine told me I should include what the universities have to offer. Ryerson has the Life Institute. George Brown has the Senior Association. I also found a site Seniors Toronto that looks interesting and has lots of information for Seniors.

Besides lots of music in the parks in the summertime there are a number of churches that have musical events. The Associates of TSO have 5 small concert series. The dates and the concerts are listed here. The Concerts are at Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre located at 427 Bloor St. West. By the way, Trinity-St. Paul’s Center has lots of concerts but I must admit that the 5 small concerts are my favourite. St. Andrew’s Church at Simcoe and King has musically events. The link is here.

Besides opera and ballet at Four Seasons Center for the Performing Arts, there is Live from the Met in Toronto. We like eating at Queen Mother Cafe before seeing a performance at Four Seasons Center.

There are lots of small theatres in Toronto. One of my favourite is Village Players near the Runnymede TTC station. There is Soulpepper in the Distillery District. There is also Shakespeare Bash'd. That is all I can think of now.

When my parents were young, they belonged to a number of groups connected with their church. This where young people met up. My mother met my father’s sister at a church group and through her met my father. When I was young in Toronto, I belonged to a number of sports clubs. I played tennis, squash, went skiing and sailing. Some of these clubs are still around. Unfortunately, I became a single mother when my husband died so I had to quite all these sports.

For downhill skiing I belonged to Voyageur Ski Club. I joined the High Park Ski Club to go cross-country skiing. They also do downhill skiing. I joined the Toronto Island Sailing Club, a community sailing club to go sailing. Although when I was with the club it was called the North Toronto Sailing Club. It is the only community sailing club still on center island. I still get together with people I met at these clubs.

On my other blog I wrote yesterday about IGM Financial (TSX-IGM, OTC-IGIFF) ... learn more. Next, I will write about Emera Inc (TSX-EMA, OTC-EMRA) ... learn more on Friday, February 28, 2020 around 5 pm.

This blog is meant for educational purposes only and is not to provide investment advice. Before making any investment decision, you should always do your own research or consult an investment professional. I do research for my own edification and I am willing to share. I write what I think and I may or may not be correct.

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