Thursday, February 17, 2022

Family and Friendship

Having contact and relationships with family members or friends is very important in life, especially if you live in a city. Sometimes this can be better than money in the bank. Your connection to others can really help you out in time of need.

At one period in my life, I was a single mom and working. I do not know what I would have done without my family and friends to help me out. My in-laws took my son to their place when he was sick. They also picked him up when the daycare phoned and told me I had to pick him up because they thought he was sick. Friends also pick my son up from school when I had an appointment after work. I found people to look after my son on November 11 and Easter Monday when the daycare was closed and schools and offices were not. I do not know how some of the other single working moms managed, because some of them had no one.

Also, a friend of mine was living with her boyfriend. After they were living together for a while, he became abusive and she needed to leave. I went with her to collect her stuff. She came to stay at my place until got resettled in a place of her own. I took her in because she was a friend and I knew her well.

You may give money to someone you feel sorry for on the street. However, you do not invite them into your home, and especially not into your home to stay for a while.

You may not have relatives living in your city. However, you can make great friends anywhere. You just need to get involved. And there are lots of ways of getting involved. You can do charity work or volunteer work; you can join a club and you can join meetup.

When I first came back to Toronto, all the way from Thornhill, I joined a number of clubs to do sports. I joined a skiing club, a sailing club, a tennis club, and a squash club. Some of these are still around. One was Voyageurs Ski Club. Another was High Park Ski Club. I went sailing with North Toronto Sailing club that is now the Island Sailing Club. These are the clubs that I met people that I am still friends with.

I have joined a number of groups at Meetup and have met very nice people there. Meetup is relatively new being only started some 20 years ago in New York city. Meetup groups are doing more things than just walking with some covid restrictions being lifted. Some are doing Zoom meetings until they can go back to other activities. For retirees, there are Probus Clubs. There are lots of them all over Ontario. I have also met a lot of great people UK Connexion.

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