Monday, September 25, 2023

Yield and Cost Covered

On some of my stock spreadsheets I look at different things. For Great-West Lifeco Inc (TSX-GWO, OTC-GWLIF) I looked at current yield and cost coverage if you invested in this stock 5 to 30 years ago. Below is what I found out from my Great-West Lifeco spreadsheet. Whether it applies to other companies, I do not know.

On my spreadsheet for Great-West Lifeco Inc, I calculated the what the yield is at the end of 2022 after 5 to 30 years if someone had invested at the High, Median or Low price 5 to 30 years ago. The yields go lower at the 15 year mark because the stock price hit a peak in 2007. For this particular stock there is not a lot of difference. Look at year 20, after 20 years the difference in the yield after 20 years is from high price to low price is from 11.75% to 12.05%.

Year No. Yrs High Price Med Price Low Price
2017 5 5.19% 5.52% 5.88%
2012 10 7.84% 8.75% 9.89%
2007 15 5.25% 5.61% 6.03%
2002 20 11.75% 11.90% 12.05%
1997 25 20.10% 26.59% 39.28%
1992 30 103.64% 111.48% 120.62%

I also looked at the percentage of the purchase price would be paid after 5 to 30 years if you paid the high, median, or low price 5 to 30 years ago. It only seems to start to make a real difference after 25 years.

Year No. Yrs High Price Med Price Low Price
2017 5 23.12% 24.55% 26.18%
2012 10 61.36% 68.45% 77.40%
2007 15 57.44% 61.44% 66.03%
2002 20 152.91% 154.86% 156.86%
1997 25 278.74% 368.76% 544.64%
1992 30 1469.53% 1580.80% 1710.31%

If we look to the future, and assume that you recently bought this stock at the recent price of $40.67 and that dividends increases at the current 5 year rate per year of 5.95%, then in 5 years’ time, your dividend would be $2.78, your yield would be 6.83% on your original price ($40.67) and your dividend cost coverage of your original price would be 91.59%.

Div Pd Div Yield Years At IRR Div Cov
$2.78 6.83% 5 5.95% 91.59%
$3.71 9.12% 10 5.95% 78.26%
$4.95 12.17% 15 5.95% 326.44%

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