Friday, October 26, 2012

Money Show - Roger Conrad

Roger Conrad is editor of Utility Forecaster and Canadian Edge. His short talk was called US Elections and Fiscal Cliff: Cross-border Perspective for Dividend Investors.

Rogers thinks that the economy will get better in the US and this is a positive for Canada. He says that some stocks are highly priced because of high expectations. He feels that maybe it might be time to take some money out of the market after the 4 year bull market.

He thinks that former income trusts are distrusted and some, like Just Energy Group (TSX-JE), Student Transportation (TSX-STB) and IBI Group Inc. (TSX-IBG) have high yields and low stock prices.

He thinks we should focus on earnings. Roger believes that the fiscal cliff will not happen. He thinks that there is less supply than demand for bonds. He says we should focus on good companies in these volatile times. Rogers feels that dividends are a big part of returns today and this will continue. He feels that stocks in Canada are at better prices than stocks in the US market.

Rogers believes that one or two countries will fall out of the Euro, but Europe will get its act together because of political will.

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