Friday, October 26, 2012

Money Show - Sean Brodrick

Sean Brodrick is editor of Natural Resources. You can view him on Uncommon Wisdom Daily's website. His talk was entitled the "Best Commodity Picks".

His first topic was energy. He said that oil from the oil sands is going to triple by 2030. All that oil has to be moved, so good buys are pipelines, like Veresen Inc. (TSX-VSN). Sean does fundamental analysis to pick stock and technical analysis to time his buying. Some people are worried about Veresen's dividend, but he is not. He thinks that the stock will be at $19.50 in 12 months.

Another stock he likes is Cenovus Energy (TSX-CVE). He says the stock has a great yield. Currently oil sand companies have to fight for pipeline space. Cenovus is using railway cars to move its oil. He also says he does not suggest anyone purchase the iShares for the Oil Sands (iShares Oil Sands Index Fund (TSX-CLO)) because there is not much trading volume.

Sean next talked about his gold strategy. He said that consumer demand in India and China has moved lower. He said that the Chinese government is buying gold as are a number of central banks. If the consumers in India and China come back, gold will go up.

We are in a deflationary cycle. Central Banks will not know when to stop printing money and we will have inflation. Gold will have a pull back and then it will take off again. His picks include New Gold (TSX-NGD) and Atna Resources (TSX-ATN).

As for Silver, stocks in areas of no political risks are better (i.e. Nevada rather than South Africa). He thinks siver will grow better than gold. Silver has both industrial and currency uses. He likes SilverCrest mines (TSXV-SVL, NYSE-SVLC). See their website. He thinks you should be a buyer on bull backs as he is bullish on the long term.

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