Monday, July 15, 2013


Most people are like me with a limited amount of money to spend on charity. There is so much need, but you have to make a choice what you will do and stick to it. This is what I do for the most part. I have charity as a budget item and mostly keep to that.

I loan money via Kiva. I never expect to get it back and I make new loans each year and also re-loan any money paid back. I like the idea of supporting people who need some capital to get started in life and earn a living. I also give to Salvation Army. I think that they support the really down and out portion of population better than any other group. Sometimes I give outside of this but this is what is in my budget.

Some charity giving I have never understood. That is when people walk, run or ride a bike for charity. I think it is a rather silly idea. So you do an enjoyable activity and someone pays charity because of this. When I was young we had bake sales and rummage sales or sold cookies. At least the people giving got something in return.

The building management company of where I rent allows tenant to have gardens when the produce goes to the local food bank. I am afraid I am not that good. It seems harsh that you cannot taste the fruits of your labor.

If you give produce from your garden to a neighbor they will thank you and perhaps return a favour. In any event you generate goodwill. My observation of food bank recipients is that they feel it is their due to get food from the food bank. No goodwill seems to be generated.

With Kiva, I think you are generating goodwill. People get helped out today, yes, but it seems a good way to help people to build their future.

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