Monday, July 22, 2013


I am a social liberal (almost a libertarian) and a fiscal conservative. I firmly believe that no one has the right to tell others how to live their lives. I also think that we have to management our money properly. We must have social programs; we must look after the vulnerable members of our society. However, we must institute programs that we can afford. If we do not have proper funding for social programs, the programs will not be sustainable.

I have voted for all three major parties at different points in the past. Sometimes in elections I vote for individual representatives or sometimes I vote for a party. I tend to vote for individual representatives when I do not care for any of the party leaders.

I have voted for Olivia Chow in my riding when I did not see any party leader I cared for. I have also voted conservative for Harper. The thing I do not like about Harper is the legislation to have mandatory sentences or going to the 3 strike rule of California. I feel that this sort of legislation is a mistake. However, I feel that he is a competent Prime Minister. I do not find him a Prime Minister I can get excited about.

I have not decided how I will vote in the next election yet. I do not think that I could get excited about Justin Trudeau as a leader. However, the recent article by Conrad Black about Justin being able to surprise everyone by being a very good Prime Minister was interesting. Perhaps we should give Justin a chance.

In the recent B.C. election, if I could have voted, I would probably have voted for Adrian Dix. I read what he actually said and ignored all the hype from Christy Clark about him. He may have allowed pipelines through B.C. before Clark will. He just wanted to ensure that the environment was looked after. People seemed to have bought the negative campaign Clark ran against Dix.

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