Monday, June 23, 2014

Dividend Tracking

There is several ways to track your dividend payments. One is getting a program such as Quicken. You can also use spreadsheets. I used both. See a possible way of using a spreadsheet at div-tracking.htm.

I have put the dividends in their dividend payment cycle. If you want more information on dividend payment cycles see my blog entry on this subject. I tend to color code things and in this spreadsheet I have dividends in blue when the dividend remains the same amount and in green when that dividend has an increase.

In the spreadsheet for BNS I calculated the Dividend Rate by using the dividend actually paid in a formula in the Dividend Rate column. Otherwise dividend rates can be picked up from a number of sites including G&M.

Also, some dividend payments do fall outside the general cycle that a stock dividend is paid in. If you look at SNC, the first dividend of the year was paid in April not in March as was expected. So I moved the dividend over to put in in the month it was actually paid in.

You might also want to look at my blog entry about Planning in Retirement. This blog entry shows a number of spreadsheets that track dividend payments.

If you want a copy of any of these spreadsheets, just email me. My email address is in the section called About Me.

On my other blog I am today writing about Canexus Corporation (TSX-CUS, OTC-CXUSF) ...continue...

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  1. Thank you for this information, Susan, and for the links to your previous blog entries. My summer project is going to be setting up my own tracking system so I really appreciate your insight and your willingness to share your expertise.