Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pipelines, a Red Herring?

I note that people are again protesting about Canadian Pipelines. The whole idea is if there are no new pipelines then the oils sands would have to be shut down. This is another red herring.

If people really wanted to stop global warming or help the environment then what we need to do is to get off coal. Mining and burning coal is far, far more harmful. Why do you think that the US and China are the global big producers of greenhouse gases? There is one big answer and that is burning coal for electricity.

If I would be cynical I could say that the US does not want to get off coal or bring this problem to anyone's attention because they might have to do something about all the coal it burns to produce electricity. It might affect their economy. However, it is fine to bully Canada and damage our economy by trying to shut down the oil sands.

However, the one thing that Canadian really needs to do is to make peace with our native Indians. Their education is a disgrace.

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