Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ballard and Blackberry

When I was at a party in 2006 a lady there had invested in Ballard (TSX-BLD) in the same time frame I did, but she had made a profit. I was very interested to know how she did that. What she had done was when the stock surged more than 4 times her purchase price she sold half her stock to lock in a profit.

That is if you invest $1 and the stock is worth now $4 and if you sell half you lock in a profit of $2 which is a 100% profit. Whatever you sell the remaining stock for, it will just add to your profit. Say the stock once worth $2 after your sale declines and you sell the remaining at $0.50. That means you have earned $1.50 for on $1 or 150%.

Another reason it was interesting was that I had invested in BlackBerry (TSX-BB) which was then called Research in Motion (TSX-RIM). It had taken off. I sold some in 2006 and 2007 to lock in a profit and then sold the rest in 2010. By 2010 the stock was on it a decline. The result was that I made a return of just over 480% on RIM. I earned far more on this stock that I had lost on Ballard.

It sometimes pays to talk about your losses. You never know what you will gain from that. No investment is a real loss if you learn from it. Never ever beat yourself up over an investment loss. It happens to everyone. Try to learn from it, but whatever you do you need to move on.

On my other blog I am today writing about Lassonde Industries Inc. (TSX-LAS.A, OTC-LSDAF) ... continue...

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