Monday, July 14, 2014


What can I say? I am a capitalist. I believe in capitalism. It has dragged lots of people out of poverty and we in the Western World especially are living a very good life because of capitalism. We bitch and complain a lot, but the average person has never had it so good. We live well but talk about what more we want. However, if you look at history at all, you will see that we so much better off than our ancestors were.

I think that having the rest of the world catch up to what we have is a great idea. That is why I support Kiva. I put money into this organization and I never plan to take it out. I consider it one of my charities. In practice I loan money to people who pay me back and then I reloan the same money to someone else. Kiva also asks for money to keep their organization going.

I figure I am supporting capitalism and hopefully making life a bit easier for someone else.

It is also too bad we do not have a micro-loaning company in Canada. There are several Kiva field partners for the United States. We have failed our poor. We have welfare, but people do not seem to be able to get off welfare once on welfare. We have families where generations have been on welfare. Look at the bad shape our natives are in and they are by and large on welfare. I think that the main problem with welfare is that we still have poor schools in poor area.

On my other blog I am today writing about TMX Group Ltd. (TSX-X, OTC-TMXXF) ... continue...

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