Thursday, November 13, 2014

Money Show 2014 - Bruce Cappon

On Saturday, the Money Saver Magazine has presentations filling the whole day. The fourth one was called "Travelling without Financial Tragedy". This presentation was done by Bruce Cappon. He works in the travel insurance business.

The first thing than Bruce Cappon brought up was that fact that a lot of people answer travel insurance questions incorrectly and then if they have a claim it is deigned under the misrepresentation clause. You do not just have to be honest, you have to be perfect. You want an insurance product that has a compassion clause or a penalty cap clause.

He spent a lot a time going over sample questions and showing how people can get tripped up. There is no onus on insurance companies to ensure questions would elicit correct responses.

You can have a change in health between the time you apply for insurance and the time you travel. Your claim could be deigned. What you want is a lock in your good health clause rider with your insurance.

You need to check into what you are getting and not just buy travel insurance based on price. He is with First Rate Insurance Inc. and his web site is here. There are a number of related recent article by Bruce Cappon on this site.

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