Monday, June 22, 2015

Mutual Funds

This is an article by Nelson Smith of Motley Fool asking why anyone would still buy Mutual Funds. He thinks that the heyday of Mutual Funds is behind us. I disagree.

I truly wonder about people getting out of mutual funds. I know lots of people and have talked to lots of people who have no clue about investing and frankly do not want to know. Mutual Funds are sold by Mutual Funds salesman or Mutual Funds based financial advisors. No one goes out to buy Mutual Funds.

Sorry and I do wish it was different, but I do not see the industry going bust as long as there are lots of people who just do not want to handle their own investments. The industry may have to deal with lower fees and more disclosure, but I really do not see the business being affected all that much. I think that Mutual Funds will continue to be sold and people continuing to buy them into the future.

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  1. Unfortunately I have to agree with you SP.
    In some cases I woudl even say some people should stick with CSB's or GIC's if they have no knowledge about what they are doing other than trying to save a few dollars.