Monday, June 15, 2015

Next Bear Market

This is a Buy Sell Advisor that I recently received. It is asking readers to think back to the 2000 and 2008 markets and is asking how you felt at that time. It is a valid question. They are right that the current bull market is rather long in the tooth.

What I did re 2000 and 2008, and what I did in other times of bear markets, I just rode them out. The following chart show how I did through the recent bear markets. I did nothing to my portfolios to counter them. You can see I did fine from the chart below.

YOY is year over year and Y to Beg is year to beginning of the period, either 31 August 2000 or 30 May 2008. I only keep track of my stocks monthly so I have to use values at the end of months.

Date TSX My Portfolio
Value YOY Y to Beg. YOY Y to Beg.
31-Aug-00 11,248
30-Sep-02 6,180 -45.06% -45.06% -30.92% -30.92%
30-May-08 14,715 138.11% 30.82% 70.68% 17.90%
27-Feb-09 8,845 -39.89% -21.36% -30.81% -18.42%
31-Dec-13 13,622 54.01% 21.11% 99.14% 62.46%
30-May-08 14,715
27-Feb-09 8,845 -39.89% -39.89% -30.81% -30.81%
31-Dec-13 13,622 54.01% -7.43% 99.14% 37.79%

People are still talking about the next bear market and it will come. It just is hard to say when this will happen. However, I will do what I always do and wait it out.

On my other blog I am today writing about Hammond Power Solutions Inc. (TSX-HPS.A, OTC- HMDPF) ... continue...

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