Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Me and CDZ

CDZ is an ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) that uses the stocks from the TSX's Dividend Aristocrats Index. There stocks are dividend growth stocks. This is a Blackrock fund and you can find information about it here.

Since my portfolio is mostly dividend growth stocks, I thought a comparison with this EFT might be a better comparison than the one I did with the TSX. See my comparison with the TSX in the article I wrote last month called Recovery from Bears.

In the following table, I am comparing the how well I recovered from the last bear against the CDZ ETF. I only compared my portfolio to CDZ for the last bear market as this EFT was not around for the 2000 bear market. When there was a recovery in February 2011, I was up by 15.69% and the CDZ was still down by 1.11%. At the end of the period, I was up by 54.17% and the CDZ was up by 20.47%.

Date Time YoY Y to Beg YoY Y to Beg. CDZ YoY Y to Beg.
30-May-08 $21.59
27-Feb-09 0.75 0.75 -27.63% -27.63% $12.16 -43.68% -43.68%
31-Aug-10 1.51 2.25 40.28% 1.52% $18.89 55.35% -12.51%
28-Feb-11 0.50 2.75 13.96% 15.69% $21.35 13.02% -1.11%
31-May-12 1.25 4.00 -0.91% 14.64% $21.55 0.94% -0.19%
30-May-14 3.25 6.00 34.48% 54.17% $26.01 20.70% 20.47%

In this second table, I am comparing the CDZ against the TSX. As you can see under the Year to Beginning of Table (Y to Beg.), the CDZ did better than the TSX. When this was a recovery, the TSX was still down by 3.93% and the CDZ was only down by 1.11%. At the end of the period, the TSX was only down by 0.75%, but the CDZ was up by 20.47%.

Date Time YoY Y to Beg TSX YoY Y to Beg. CDZ YoY Y to Beg.
30-May-08 14,715 $21.59
27-Feb-09 0.75 0.75 8,845 -39.89% -39.89% $12.16 -43.68% -43.68%
31-Aug-10 1.51 2.25 11,914 34.70% -19.03% $18.89 55.35% -12.51%
28-Feb-11 0.50 2.75 14,137 18.66% -3.93% $21.35 13.02% -1.11%
31-May-12 1.25 4.00 11,513 -18.56% -21.76% $21.55 0.94% -0.19%
30-May-14 3.25 6.00 14,604 26.85% -0.75% $26.01 20.70% 20.47%

I have obviously have done better investing in actual companies. I think that the next thing to look at is sectors the CDZ invests in compared to what I invest in.

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