Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sponsor Native Families

Anything I have read about the sponsorship of refuges by Canadians has been very positive. Ones sponsored by people rather than the government does a lot better. They integrate better. They generally get jobs to support themselves much quicker. There have been a lot of positive things reported about this idea.

Perhaps they would be a good way to help our Native families. There are lots of horror stories about how poorly our native families are doing in Canada. We seem to be spending a lot of money on natives. According to what I have read there are billions and billions spent. It seems rather stupid to me that we can do this and still have native families growing up in poverty. Also native children are growing up uneducated.

The current government is talking about spending more money to help natives in Canada. They said that they were talking to experts. Why are they not talking to native people? We seem to have a whole industry set up to help natives. However all these people employed seem to non-natives. How stupid is this?

So we are spending all this money on natives that is not going to native? It does not matter if Indian treaties were fair or in good faith or not. The fact is that the natives are doing very poorly and we are doing very well. We need to make a new deal with the Indians. We need treaties with the Indians that we can both live with.

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