Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Job Creation

From what I have learned from history, the answer to creating jobs is capitalism. Europe has almost strangled it completely with red tape. In Canada and the US we are not far behind. When Europe had their big explosion in population, they were industrializing under capitalism and created enough jobs.

I recently read an article which said in the US more companies closing than new startup companies. Apparently this is the first time this had ever happened in the US. The following article is not the one I had read, but I just google about this subject and an interesting article came up. The link to this article is here. It does not say exactly what I had read, but it is close.

Yes, there needs to be rules governing business. Government need to protect workers and protect the consumer. . However, you have to have some balance between rules governing business and letting business get on with business.

Europe has gone too far in protecting workers in the past. Now the protection only applies to older workers and the very few lucky young ones that can land a protected job. What is happening in Europe is that the youth are paying for the protection of older workers. There are no jobs for them.

And, it is the young that is expected to pay for the pension and health care of the old. I cannot see that working out. Pension and health care plans are on a pay as you go basis. That is money coming in is being used to pay for pensions and health care. If the young have no jobs how are they going to pay for these benefits?

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