Thursday, September 1, 2016

TTC Budget

Yes, the TTC needs proper funding. An editorial in the Toronto Star has sympathy for the TTC. Unfortunately this sympathy and any budget cuts may not get us a TTC that operates better. Government Agencies are not noted for competencies.

However, the TTC also waste money. Take the second exit for the Donlands station. They decided to use the properties of two houses at the end of Strathmore Blvd for the second exit. They then bought these two houses. The houses have been empty for some time now.

The thing is that the TTC now perhaps want to move the second exit to the north side of Strathmore Blvd. near Donlands Avenue. This would require the buying to new houses and the selling of the ones already owned. Problem is that the TTC has yet to make up its mind on where to put the second exit. All this monkeying around have cost TTC lots of money. There is a need to make decisions and then go with them.

I go past the Bay Subway Station every day. It has been months since the new turnstiles have been put into place, but every day I see that some are not working. Also it would seem that the TTC has not been able to implement a solution to cover the spaces between the walls and the new turnstiles. (Actually I went pass there today and they are all working. There is still not solution for the spaces between walls and new turnstiles through.)

The Spadina subway extension has been plagued by problems, delays and cost overruns. There is a CBC news item on this. Here is another CBC news item on this.

The Eglinton Crosstown is being delayed by a year. Tess Kalinowski wrote an article in the Toronto Star on this last year. Mark McAllister also talks about this in a Global News article.

To my mind, I have no sympathy for the TTC. Just what I have point out above have costs lots of money. How about this, if the people at the TTC cannot do their jobs competently, they should be fired and people who can do the job hired.

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