Tuesday, July 11, 2017

New Flyer Industries Inc.

I started to look at this stock of New Flyer Industries Inc. (TSX-NFI, OTC- NFYEF) but ran into problems in for the year of 2011. Basically what seemed to have happen is that people who held subordinate notes got some 89% of the company while the original shareholders got 11% of the company.

It is difficult to reconstruct what was going on with the company prior to 2011. There is not much information online about dividends or stock prices prior to this and lots of it makes no sense. I do not like stocks that are overly complex and I have already spent too much time on this stock trying to sort out how the changes in 2011 affect the shareholders. Certainly it was not a good outcome for the shareholders.

If I only do a spreadsheet on what happened after 2011, this will not give a full picture of this stock. It certainly seems to be doing well currently, but past history does count and I do not think it I can ignore it. If I do just from after 2011 it would appear to be a far better stock in the past than it actually was. It would give a very false impression of this company.

I am not willing to spend any more time on this stock. They obviously had difficulties in 2011 for the people holding subordinate notes to really take over the company. It is not a company I would want to invest in so this will not be one of the new companies I will be covering in the future.

I have started to investigate Logistec Corp which was also on my list of stock suggestions .

On my other blog I wrote yesterday about Morneau Shepell Inc. (TSX-MSI, OTC-MSIXF)... learn more. Tomorrow, I will write about Inter Pipeline Ltd (TSX-IPL, OTC-IPPLF)... learn more on Wednesday, July 12, 2017 around 5 pm

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  1. Well done, catching something big my favourite newsletter seems to have missed. Thanks.