Thursday, September 14, 2017

Money Show 2017 - Gordon Pape

Gordon Pape spoke in the opening ceremonies on "Where Next? The Outlook for Canada in 2018". He said that for the economy we had
  • 1.1% Growth in GDP in the second quarter of 2017
  • 0.9% First quarter of 2017
  • 1.9% Increase in Household spending
  • 2.3% increase in exports of goods and services
  • 65,700 increase in manufacturing jobs, and
  • 6.3% unemployment, which is the lowest since 2008
Most stock markets have done well so far in 2017 with
  • Hong Kong up by 27.1%
  • India up by 21.2%
  • France up by 14.16%
  • NASDAQ up by 19.4%
  • Dow Jones up by 11.1%
  • S&P500 up by 10.4%, but
  • TSX is down by 0.5%.
The thing is that the US has companies that we do not like Health Care which is up over 17% this year. Canada just does not have the range the US market has. The only strong area in Canada is gold.

There is trouble ahead as strong growth is wanted. In Canada, energy is still in trouble. Our housing market will slow. The NAFTA renegotiation creates uncertainty. Our higher interest rates will hit the Loonie. The overvaluation of the NY market will trigger a sell off.

He thinks that there will be more interest rates rises in Canada this year. He worries about the NY market being really over valued with a P/E Ratio of 24. There is a 10 to 15% correction coming and the TSX will follow.

He says that we should not overweight our portfolio with Canadian stock. We need to diversity internationally. He thinks we should take profits as appropriate and have some cash on hand. It might be good to invest in the EU as their stock markets are undervalues. We could also invest in the Far East. He would stay out of the US market for now.

He would not advise us to bail out of the market entirely. This is never a good idea. No one knows where the markets will go. He has a web site of

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