Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Aurora Village

A week ago, I went up to Yellowknife to see the northern lights and I was not disappointed. We booked our trip though Aurora Village with their hassle-free arrangement and it was just that. We were also lucky because we saw the lights all three nights that we went to the Aurora Village which is a 30 minute bus ride from Yellowknife.

We did not want to weather temperatures of 40 below, so we took advantage of this small window of opportunity at the end of summer to see the Aurora Borealis. Only on our return, did we fully appreciate what a gamble we had taken and how lucky we were to have seen the lights three nights in a row.

The Aurora Village was great. We were allocated a tee pee in this village and it was toasty warm inside. There were portable chairs and revolving two seater chairs set up specifically to enhance the viewing experience. There are some pictures on their site.

None of us had a great camera so we were no able to take photos of the northern lights or aurora borealis. When we were out dinning the second night we meet a Chinese family in the restaurant and they kindly sent us some of their photos.

The Aurora Village also had some day trips. They took us on a city tour which included the highlights of the old and new town areas. We saw the Legislature and their modern museum. We went on a boat ride on Slave. The lake had some colourful house boats. We also went to the Diamond Factory in Yellowknife. They had a short film and they talked to us. We also went for dinner one night at the Aurora Village. The meal was great. There was either Bison or local fish. I had the Bison and it was delicious.

We were in Yellowknife for 3 nights in a Day’s Inn in downtown Yellowknife. It was a nice hotel with a Filipino restaurant. There are quite a few Filipinos in Yellowknife. We found a few interesting restaurants in the city. The city was very spread out and most building were 3 to 5 stories tall. There were lots of residential areas also. We only saw one building that had 10 stories.

Melissa Myers, Travel Manager at Flight Centre at Yonge and King booked our trip. She did a great job.

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