Thursday, May 30, 2019

Women and Investing

This is an article on the Enterprising Investor site talking about women and investing. Among other things it is pointing out that more and more women are involved in retail investing. It is an interesting article, especially for the women of today. It does address Canada as well as the US.

I think that most women do better in investing in equities than men. Most that I have met do not go after the next big thing. Sure, you can make money in the beginning but often the next big thing can have a high failure cost. Going after the next big thing is how I have seen a number of male investors lose lots of money. I do the slow and steady in dividend growth stocks and have done well. I have known other female investors doing the same thing and have also done well.

The article talks a lot about male/female gaps in such things as wage, wealth, and retirement. However, life is unfair. Maybe we should focus on how we can take advantage of life’s unfairness. For example, women live longer than men and therefore need more in retirement. However, we get to enjoy life longer and enjoy time with our families longer. It is not entirely bad nor entirely good.

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