Thursday, November 14, 2019

Frontiers North and Polar Bears

I went on a trip to see the Polar Bears on the Tundra outside Churchill Manitoba. The trip was run by Frontiers North Adventures. It was a wonderful trip. They were well organized and meals they provided were great. The breakfasts were buffet style, with lovely sandwiches and great soup for lunch on the Tundra Buggies.

The only problems I had was the early rising. I am not a morning person, but we had to get up at 6 to have breakfast and get going. Fortunately, I was traveling with a couple of friends and someone else set a phone alarm. It took me until the third morning to set the alarm on my phone so that it rang. But we were good and we all got up and got our showers and got to breakfast in an hour.

And, we saw lots of bears:

Frontiers North used Tundra buggies to go out on the Tundra to see the bears. Seeing the polar bears in their natural habitat gives you an experience that truly defines the word "awesome."

These are great vehicles that could go anywhere. The Tundra is dotted with lots and lots of lakes. None of these lakes are deep because of the permafrost. The deepest can only be 3 feet. The so called trails looked more like creek beds. They had long areas filled with water. However, these buggies could go through it all very easily.

I had talked to a couple of people before I left who had been on Polar Bear trips to Churchill. They both said it was the best trip that they have ever been on. I must agree. This was a great trip.

Melissa at the Flight Center at 55 Yonge Street booked this trip for us. This is a third trip she has booked for us and they all went off very well.

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