Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Money Show 2019 - Money Talks

Peter Hodson was the moderator for this panel in the opening remarks. The panel subject was The Best Sectors to Invest in Now for the Long Term. The panel included Ryan Irvin of KeyStone Financial , Michael Cooke of Mackenzie Investments , and Jon Najarian of Market Rebellion .

Jon: The banks are doing well, like US Bank Corp. Tech is a good area with Apple and Microsoft.

Ryan: Microsoft is great. He hates sectorial investing. The best performing stock is Boyd Group (TSX: BYD-UN, OTC-BFGIF) which fixes cars. He bought into this stock at $2 something and it is now over $100. It has great cash flow over time. He likes Health Care – Home and Health care solutions. He likes Viemed Healthcare Inc (TSX-VMD, NASDAQ-VMD). A product helps lungs grow organically. Good cash flow, no debt. It is around $6 but a fair value is $12.

Michael: The internet has made more information available to more people. A risk is that more things can happen than will happen. His favourite investment is long bonds.

Peter: Entry point if very important. In next recession go into utilities and telecom.

Jon: No one should be freaking about a recession. A good think is that consumers are 70% of the US economy and they are doing well. They are buying houses. You should follow the 70% of the economy not the 30%.

Ryan: Timing the market is a foolish thing. We have been hearing for the past 5 years that a recession is coming, but it hasn’t. We will come out of a recession. You should focus on individual quality business. You should always look at cash flow.

Michael: The basic economy is softening. Large companies are priced for perfection. You should trim the stocks that have done well. The entry point is important. Long term focus is important.

Peter: Half the number of companies are buying back stock.

Jon: The cannabis party is just starting. US cannabis stocks have a problem that they cannot bank in the US.

Ryan: This is a touchy subject in the US. He has problems with this sector. There is a problem with cash flow. He cannot recommend any. There is an overcapacity now. There is a lack of cash flow in this sector still.

Michael: He is not a cannabis guy. In the onshore Chinese market, they have 3% of their foreign investment in it. Something interesting is happening. The domestic market is a great economic market.

Peter: What about momentum versus value.

Jon: He likes growth not value. He likes Lennar Corp (NYSE-LEN).

Ryan: He likes growth at a reasonable price. The sectors he likes are health care and missed priced small cap.

Michael: He likes growth (but at a reasonable price). He likes gold. This is an asset class that is undervalued and under invested by individual investors.

On my other blog I wrote yesterday about PFB Corp (TSX-PFB, OTC-PFBOF) ... learn more. Next, I will write about Innergex Renewable Energy (TSX-INE, OTC-INGXF) ... learn more on Wednesday, November 20, 2019 around 5 pm.

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