Monday, November 18, 2013

Bicycles in Toronto

I rode my bicycle to work in the 1960's and 1970's up until 1975. For me it was great. It was basically downhill all the way to work. This was good because I would not walk into work all sweaty. It was uphill home but that was fine. I stopped riding to work because I changed jobs and had one closer to home and it was easy to walk to work.

We have bike lanes now. They can be dangerous because of people parking in bike lanes. Taxis and trucks are the main offenders, but others do it too. When the lanes are narrow on a street, the taxis and trucks tend to part half on the bicycle path and half on the sidewalk. I have never seen or even heard of these people getting tickets for this action.

I think that it was safer to ride a bicycle when I did ride it to work than it is now. I had a bicycle about 5 years ago but got rid of it. I thought riding downtown was quite dangerous. It is too bad because bike riding is good exercise and could be a great way to get to a place that is a bit too far to walk.

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1 comment:

  1. Its the same here in Montreal; riding a bicycle is dangerous. I saw many accidents; once i saw a bike going straight to an open door; another I got stocks between bicycles that I didn't see while crossing the street, another was when I saw that person that was on the sidewalk with the head bleeding...

    Bikers and pedestrians cannot be both in one city. Bikes shouldn't be tolerate downtown. So dangerous! And bikers drive just like if they didn't give a damn.

    I hate seeing bicycles around.