Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Globe and Mail Investors

The Globe and Mail investor's site is not the site it used to be. I find I use it less and less. It has not updated what it provides for quite some time. It used to be the go to site for Canadian investors. This is not true anymore. Here are some other sites you might want to try.

The first one to talk about is called 4-Traders. It has some interesting information under the financials a consensus tabs for stock. For a Canadian stock, just enter the symbol and it will probably suggest the right Canadian stock, and if not click more results after the list of possible companies. I have not yet come across a Canadian stock that they do not have at least some information on.

The next site to comment on is Reuters. To get a Canadian stock on this site, enter the symbol, followed by a dot and to. For example, for Gluskin Sheff (TSX-GS), enter "" and press search button and you will get suggestions of "Gluskin Sheff" and press the symbol opposite the stocks name and your will get information on that stock. This site gives interesting information about key people, financials and analysts.

Another interesting site is Morningstar. Just enter the TSX symbol of your stock and it should come up on their list of possible stocks you are looking for. There are some premium sections to the site but a lot is free. What is especially interesting on this site is under "filing" tap where you can see all financial statements.

The last site I will talk about today is Market Watch from the Wall Street Journal. To get information on a Canadian stock you must preface it with "CA:". So to get info on Gluskin Sheff (TSX-GS), in enter symbol of keywords box, put "CA:GS". On this site you can also get historical quotes.

On my other blog I am today writing about Canadian Oil Sands (TSX-COS, OTC-COSWF)...continue...

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