Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Mutual Fund Investors

Brett Arends on Market Watch says mutual funds underperform the market because of mutual fund investors..

I have been saying this for years. Mutual funds managers cannot beat the market because mutual fund investors second guess them all the time. They pile money into a mutual fund when the stock market is rising and force mutual fund managers to buy high. They also pile out of the mutual funds when there is crash and cash the mutual fund managers to sell low.

This is the same reason retail (small) investors lose on the market. They buy high and sell low, which is the opposite you should do. But they tend to buy when the market is rising and then get frightened when there is a market crash and sell. That is a losing strategy.

So, if you want to go the Mutual Fund route you probably want a Mutual Fund that is picky about when they will take your money and also do not allow you to cash in on a whim. Or, you can get an index mutual fund.

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