Tuesday, April 23, 2019

My Politics

I am for democracy, but it must be tempered by the rule of law and very strong individual rights. Otherwise you can get and will get democracies that have the majority suppressing the minority. It is allowing majority rule in a democracy that leads to suppressing a minority. This is how you end up with democracy that has slavery or suppression of minorities.

I do like the first pass the post system. You tend to get better representatives in parliament. Problems do arise when the people vote strictly on party or ethnic or religious lines. I do not like socialism or any statism. Socialist call for the suppression or the conformity of everyone.

The other thing is that I have never met a socialist that has a good view of their fellow man. This is probably why they feel that certain people or groups of people must be suppressed. They seem to think that everyone is just out for themselves. I do not have a Pollyanna view of my fellowman. I know that people tend to more concerned about themselves than others. I know that there are people that mean others harm, but by and large people I have met mean no harm to others.

On a social basis, I am an old fashion liberal and leaning towards Liberian. That is, I believe that everyone should be able to live their lives in anyway that they see fit as long as they do not harm anyone else. Financially, I am a conservative. I believe that governments should pay down their debt in good times to have the ability to help the economy in bad times.

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