Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Companies Are From

I am currently following 135 good companies. Mostly they are Canadian companies, with a few exceptions. There are 52 companies from Ontario, 35 companies from Alberta and 26 companies from Quebec. These account for 113 of my companies or 83.7% of the stock that I follow. Of my followed companies, Ontario has 38.5%, Alberta has 25.9% and lastly with Quebec has 19.3%.

Smaller numbers are from the rest of Canada with 5 companies each from British Columbia and Manitoba. Plus, there are 3 from Nova Scotia and one each from Saskatchewan and Newfoundland. The rest of Canada has some 11.9% of the stocks I follow.

There are 6 of my companies that have head Offices in the US, but all but 2 of them have TSX listings. The ones without TSX listings are Johnson and Johnson (NYSE-JNJ) and Medtronic Inc. (NYSE-MDT). I also follow Barclay’s Bank (NYSE-BCS), a British Bank on the London Stock Exchange and NYSE Stock Exchange.

I have been investing and following Canadian companies for some time and it seems to me that Quebec is falling behind, with Ontario not changing much and Alberta pulling ahead. The other thing is that Alberta does not just have Energy, Pipelines and Mining companies. I have 2 Consumer Discretionary stocks, 9 Industrials stocks, 1 Information Tech (Computer Modelling (TSX-CMG)), 1 Power Generator (TransAlta Corp (TSX-TA), which also has pipelines) and 1 Real Estate (Melcor Dev. (TSX-MRD).

Do not get me wrong, there are still great companies out of Quebec. I just see the west doing increasingly better. I think that the development of the west has nothing to do with the contraction in Quebec. I think that Quebecers did this all by themselves. I remember a time when all the big Canadian Banks were deigning that they moved their Head Offices from Montreal to Toronto. Now, they just list their Head Offices in Toronto.

And, being from Ontario, I should not be cocky. We are also in danger of contraction. Having high debt government is just an accident waiting to happen.

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